This site introduces my books, together with blog posts from time to time on related issues or topical matters which I just can’t help writing about.

“Capitalism and Human Values” is the title of my new book, published by Imprint Academic.

“The Lost Art of Being Happy – spirituality for sceptics” was published a few years ago by Findhorn Press.

The new book suggests that although capitalism is an excellent – probably the best – way to produce and distribute goods, it is often prone to extremes and excesses. These excesses are difficult to challenge unless we have a basis from which to argue and it is little use arguing against capitalism on economic grounds. Challenges have to be rooted in something deeper, ultimately in our fundamental values.

But we live in a world of so many different customs and beliefs we have become embarrassed to suggest there could be such a thing as values which everyone could adopt. Values have become a matter of private conscience or feeling which admit no proper discussion. We have to change that.

Production and consumption are after all not our reason for living or the way we can live fulfilled lives. Hence the slogan “Capitalism is not enough”. We need shared values strong enough to stand beside this giant, to tame, direct and set boundaries to capitalism. Some might see religion in this role, but religion cannot do the job because religious belief (including the lack of it) divides rather than unites us. We have to construct or discover shareable, secular values – human values.

This might appear at first to be an abstract exercise, but it is far from it. It is one of the most urgent problems we face and underlies most other major problems, from poverty to violence to sectarian war to global warming. Values are about how we direct our own lives and how we relate to others, which results in whatever sort of world we create. That’s what this site is about.

Please explore, enjoy, comment, argue! The point of my writing is not to insist that I have all the answers, rather to bring the questions into focus so that better answers can emerge.

8 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Just bought an ebook format version of your book The Lost Art of Being Happy and am looking forward to reading it. In looking around to learn more about you, I discovered the new book fresh off the presses it seems. I prefer ebooks currently because I have limited room for physical books and also love the convenience of having access to so many books on one small device. But I digress. I am wondering if Capitalism and Human Values will be available any time (preferably soon) in digital format (with Amazon Kindle being the most accessible for me)?

    Thanks much for sharing your thoughts and books. I am sure they are going to be ones I will refer to often.

    Best regards.
    -tony schlisser

    1. Thanks for your message and support. I’m expecting an ebook version of the new book very soon but exactly when is up to the publisher, not me. I’ll let you know. Best wishes TW

  2. Saw your name and the title “Capitalism and Human Values” in the Trinity Annual Record, so bought the book and have now read it – with profit! Much to ponder. It fits in well with other recent reading, such as Wendy Brown’s “Undoing the Demos” and Martha Nussbaum’s “Creating Capabilities”.
    I don’t know if you give talks about the topic/your book, but we have a forum here in Church Stretton called “Engaging Issues” which would welcome a contribution with this title.
    David Howard
    (Trinity, 1966-1973)

    1. Thanks Colin, I will take a look. But I am sorry you think “Lost Art” tells us how to think! It’s about managing and moulding the habits which rule our consciousness, but that covers feeling and emotion as well as thought. Best wishes, Tony

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