The Lost Art of Being Happy – spirituality for sceptics


Comments on this book
Professor Lord Layard FBA (Director, Well Being Programme, LSE) said: “This is a wonderfully wise book on how we can train our minds to be happy. It’s beautifully written.”

Sir Anthony Seldon (Master of Wellington College and pioneer of teaching happiness skills in schools) said: “I cannot think of a single human being who would not benefit from reading this highly intelligent, sympathetic book. Most of us are unhappy to some degree or other. Follow the way of life that this book recommends and happiness will be yours.”

Malcolm Stern (psychotherapist, author, Channel 4 presenter and co-founder of “Alternatives”) said: “This is an important and original book. Tony Wilkinson brings a wealth of experience, a keen intelligence and an enquiring mind to the thorny and complex issue of contemporary spirituality. It is a must read for anyone interested in self-knowledge.” .uk (who chose the book as one of their initial list of 10 essential books to help us flourish in the modern world) said ” A no-nonsense, rational book that shows how a rich inner life is important for everyone – whether you are religious or not – and gives practical ideas on how we can cultivate the skills we need for a nourishing inner life.”

Press comments
Helen Brown in “The Sunday Times”: “surprisingly persuasive”

Oliver Burkeman in “The Guardian”: “..a convincing case that spiritual wisdom is easily detachable from myth and mysticism, not to mention organised religion. But nor [does it] fall for the trap of making wisdom purely instrumental – a tool for achieving achieving the perfect relationship or career. I hope it’s the start of a trend: popular books about the inner life…that don’t require religious belief or an obsession with self improvement.”

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